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It is impossible to imagine a family in which no one works, but in it are not fed six children. Many residents of the city in which they live, Gallaghers, consider them inadequate, and it is about this ordinary family is told in season 5 of the show "Shameless". In the fifth season we will see the continuation of the story. The plot of the series is very interesting for its uniqueness.rnrnrnThe head of the family is Frank, a single father. Wife a few years ago ran away from him to another, leaving the children to fend for themselves. From that moment he is engaged in the upbringing of children, but only in those rare moments when he is free. And his main occupation is alcoholism, addicted to which, Frank and the day can not live without a few bottles of alcohol. Children are presented to fate themselves, they do what they want and how they want, and only the elder Fiona worries about the fate of the family. Fiona tries to pull the father from the alcoholic pit and give the education of younger brothers and sisters. One of the most beautiful children in the family is Lip, who in addition to beauty has a rare mind, quickly solves various problems in physics and mathematics, is the winner of many competitions, and is successfully popular with the opposite sex. The series is very unusual, it draws attention to itself from the first minutes of viewing!