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Eddie Number gets a teacher in high school and discovers that the children are completely unprepared for the changes that will soon begin to happen to their organisms. Behind the laughter and uncomfortable topic lies a serious problem to which no one cares. Here's a newcomer and decides to take not exactly a typical subject. But behind the endless study of the theory it turned out that there is absolutely no practice. So, the main character and the guru of sex, how he had to appear before the disciples, was a virgin at 23...And here comes the classic: those who can-do, who can not-teach. If you watch online Sex education, you can understand that from a certain age children need to talk about sexual development. Moreover, to prepare for the information you need to start at home, and bring the necessary information should be experienced professionals in educational institutions. And what if a simple high school teacher in a disadvantaged area and most would not hurt to look like a refresher course?! What will come out of this training, we learn, if we start watching the Film sex education in the Comedy genre from the Director Isaac Feder.It is necessary to begin as soon as the child begins to be interested in the body to promote its harmonious development, increase of knowledge of sexology, formation of sense of responsibility for future communications and the correct relation to opposite sex. Otherwise, they will find all the "useful" information through the Internet, passed from mouth to mouth, and we can get a crippled perception of reality.Getting used to his new role, ed himself learns a lot, begins to listen to himself and a sudden feeling for the sister of one of the students (Lorenz izo). The master himself did not expect that the foundations of sex life would take him so much, and he began to delve further than the anger of the local priest. Whether the guy will be able to change something in the life and destiny of children and to resist to moral opponents of the necessary occupations, we learn if we watch online as Sexual education.

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