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In the US, relations between black and white citizens have always been tense. Ever since African Americans were slaves to whites, they have had a negative imprint on their memory and now all subsequent generations despise each other and are distrustful. And therefore even if there is any skirmish between such people, it will not lead to anything good. And if it is not even a skirmish, but just an accident, will someone listen to someone and listen to the voice of reason? This event showed that the reaction will be unambiguous and not about what mercy can not be considered. Both sides are always aggressive against each other and when a COP accidentally takes the life of an African American teenager, no one even thinks about listening to his excuses and excuses. For all blacks, it sounded like a challenge and they intend to do everything to avenge the white for this incident and no one cares about the fact that this is an accident. No one even thinks that in consequence of this, many more people may die, all act with a single purpose to take revenge. White has no choice but to defend himself. But what will this confrontation and such aggression that arose from scratch lead to?

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