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Anime is a favorite genre of many viewers. This series attracts with its originality and non-standard actions of the characters. Each new series "Servamp (vampire Servant)" guarantees positive emotions and good mood.a Young man named Mahir, who is not so long ago turned fifteen years old, always chooses the easiest ways in life, because they lead him to the desired. He adheres only to a clear and understandable social existence, is a supporter of the generally recognized framework of behavior.


the Series of the anime genre called "Serve (Servant Vampire)" watch online please any audience. One day the main character accidentally met a little kitten on the street. He had a rather pitiful appearance, so Mahir, as a person with high moral principles and a good soul, decided to take it for himself. If he had done otherwise, the young man would have a conscience that would have caused too much tension. Since such feelings are unacceptable to Mahir, he has, as always, chosen the easiest path.

his new pet teenager named KURO, which means "black". Feeding, heating and giving a little kitten affection, Mahir witnessed a terrible picture. This little furry creature was not an ordinary cute animal, but a real vampire. Whether an angel, or a demon, which has become the kitten, introduced servana. The story does not end there, then the events develop much more interesting.


At this point, the transformation between the protagonist and his pet, underwent a process of conclusion of the contract, following which the vampire now goes to the Mahir. Now KURO is obliged to serve his master until the very last day. No betrayals or refusals – the real soldier carries out all orders of the teenager.

now life becomes more difficult for Mahir. He will not be able to choose a simple way and to live a normal and straightforward life, because as a young man, not according to his will, entered the war between some of the brethren (vampires). It's not just the evil forces, and the progenitors of all vampires. Each of them bears the name of one of the seven deadly sins.

their power is limitless, but even they have some problems. Their eighth brother named Tsubaki, which is a depression, not like the other vampires. This character is overly melancholic and rude. He is always ready for any action that will contribute to causing pain to others. Tsubaki – merry, have fun killing and other unbearable for the remaining acts. It has no pity, he never spares, he can only make the situation worse.

Our main character turned sixteen years old, but this day was not a special holiday for him. After all, now he has a main goal, not doing that he and others will not be able to live in peace. Mahir must stop the mad vampire as soon as possible. Fortunately, to do this he will not himself. Seven brothers also join the fight, so an early victory is ensured.