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The film tells about the life of a man named Jonathan, who spent his childhood and youth under the strict supervision of his oppressive mother. The woman constantly imposed on the boy the opinion and limited it in entertainments that led to disappointing results – the hero of the Thriller "Decomposition" grew quite closed and unsociable. Now he lives in a family mansion alone, having fun only collecting keys and daily watering plants. Jonathan only talks to two people – an interesting neighbor and a strange colleague with whom they work as caretakers at a local amusement Park. Surrounding call your neighbor a crank, and it suggests two girlfriends thinking that in the house of Jonathan may be marijuana. To test their theory, the girls make their way into the building. They try to find a drug, but the sudden appearance of the owner scares her friends, which turns into two accidental deaths: Caitlin because of his negligence dies in the house, and her friend, running away, falls under the wheels of the car. It would seem that the man should immediately report the break - in and call the police, but instead he decides to keep the corpse of the girl, knowing that she could be his only friend...

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