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The story told in the criminal series "jury Trial" begins with the fact that the son of the Governor of the state is missing. Soon it becomes clear that the boy is kidnapped. All the local police raised to his feet, but by long fails. And two weeks later after the incident, found the corpse kid.nnThe main suspect in the kidnapping and murder becomes the bodyguard of the victim named Malcolm Merlin. The man is detained and taken to court. For such a brutal crime, the accused, if proven guilty, faces the death penalty. The jury will decide his fate. It is known that this occupation is unsafe, on assessors quite often there is a pressure. In our case, one of these twelve people is under attack before the first meeting. To protect the rest, they are placed in a remote hotel under protection.nnHow much time they spend in isolation depends on these people. The decision is not easy, because now in their hands - not just fate, but the life of man. At least in the hotel they feel completely safe. But soon it turns out that this is not so – a threat to them is present here. But who is stalking a jury?

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