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  • Drama
People had nothing to in life is each other attributed the strange feeling. They can feel each other at a great distance and interact. They have had to go through a lot and try to learn how to work in a team, in order to confront the man who intends to pull their strings and thanks to their abilities, to get a huge power, and eventually destroy humanity. Not easy I had to realize what they have in common and why they need to confront this horrible man. Now they can finally control their power more or less, but their mission is not over.last time they were able to win the battle, but the war itself is not over yet and the guys will not be easy in an attempt to defeat the main villain Mr. Whispers, who plans to take over the world. And besides, they still don't know everything about their abilities and they will have a lot to learn before they are finally able to testify against him. But at the most crucial moment for all, will not there be a traitor among them, who is on the side of the villain, and who all this time only pretended to be a friend of the guys, in order to learn about their plans and at the right time to betray them for their own good, or they will all resist evil to the end?

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