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Original Title: Sen Anlat Karadeniz
  • Genres:
  • Family
Channel: atv
Creators: Emre Kabakuşak,Osman Sınav,Yusuf Ömer Sınav
Description: One day, the Kaleli and Sayar families met to make a bargain for their own companies. Mustafa, Sania, Balim, Asiya and Tahir arrived for a dinner organized in the large mansion of Vedata Sayar, in fact the true master of the city. As soon as Tahir saw Nefes, Vedat's wife, he fell in love. The woman felt the same, but she is fully aware of the unrealizable happiness. When a guest shook hands with Nefes, he observed bruises. The guy immediately realized that the husband beats the woman. In the middle of the evening, Ygit, son of Nefes, broke a glass of water. The father snatched the boy, and when he stood up for his mother, he broke two of her fingers. Woman in despair! Acting impulsively, the heroine grabbed her son and hid in the trunk of a jeep of one of the guests. The car, at the wheel which there was a Tahir, was sent to Trabzon Karadeniz. Arriving at the place, Tahir, intending to pick up his bags, found the fugitives in the car. Having told about all sister, the man took Nefes and the child to the doctor. And then, the heroes realized that VerDate went in search of his wife and son. Trying to escape from persecution, Tahir, who became a defender for a woman and a boy, brought a small boat into the Black sea. So went the long way to happiness...

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