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The main heroine of the Turkish series "you tell, Karadeniz" becomes beautiful Nefes. Many years ago, when she was still a child, Nefes was married to an unloved, adult man. The girl was literally sold into slavery without asking her opinion.however, the worst thing about this situation is that the spouse has an unquenchable cruelty. He immediately began to exert psychological pressure on Nefes, but was never able to turn her into a slave. Years of beatings and moral humiliation did not break the main character. Moreover, Nefes swore that one day he would definitely find true happiness.That's why one day she runs away with her young son from home. A woman has nothing. She remains without money, connections and a roof over her head. And then the main character comes to the aid of a handsome and brave man.he is willing to go to great lengths to help Nefes, save her from an unenviable fate, and make her happy. They're having a passionate affair. It seems that now the woman is really happy. However, the clouds of the past are already gathering over her head. The ex-husband didn't forget about Nefes. He still wants her home, but not for love. He dreams of revenge, wants to achieve from the woman of repentance.That's why the despot connects all the connections he has in the town of Karadeniz. The real hunt begins for Nefes and her beloved. Now the woman is forced to put up with restrictions, threats and attacks. That's just the main character is tired of being afraid. She decides to give battle to those who've never brought her anything good. Realizing that to break Nefes does not, the former spouse begins to affect her through their child. Now the woman will have to break between two fires, continuing to dream of happiness.

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