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  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Documentary
Eight young boys and girls who are offenders are sent to an abandoned hotel to restore order and reduce their term. They are accompanied by a police officer with his assistant. Young people do not know what to turn into a regular cleaning, because in this place they will not be alone. There has long been inhabited by a psychopath Jacob Goodnight, who was believed dead. It is very big and incredibly strong, he can own hands to rip a person in half, while he himself is almost impossible to kill.Gradually, the characters begin to suspect that they are not alone in the house. And when a maniac kidnaps a girl from the group, others decide to help her, not even knowing who they will have to deal with. Jacob begins his brutal hunt for young people who will try their best to survive and get out of this terrible place. The heroes will have to face their biggest nightmares and defeat the invincible big man, who will not stop until everyone is killed.

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