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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
The main character ray Richards is in his seventies. The greater part of his life he spent in the service of law and order. And his child-Duval is a businessman, successfully moving his business forward. However, recently, both of them beginning to leave fortune. Ray had a lot of work-related problems. Due to the fact that he's not young anymore tasks to perform becomes more difficult. Therefore, he lost his post with a Bang. Duval also has not sweet, but not wanting to disappoint his family and referring to the fact that he has enough money in his pocket, he continues to pretend that everything is in order. ray decided to pay a visit to his son and, having gone in house, found only but then human, digging in documents. Unfortunately for the hero, this meeting ended in his own death. However, it turned out that he still has a chance to live. Two Hindus created a serum called Frankenstein's Code. It is capable not only to return life to the person, but also to rejuvenate him. And in their opinion, the dead old man was perfect for the experiment. The result was quite unexpected. The protagonist, being a decrepit and exhausted elderly man turned into a young, attractive young man. Now he has one goal-to find out all about the identity of the stranger and help his son get out of the situation.

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