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Action adventure Thriller "time of the witches" takes place in times of the ferocious plague in Europe in the XIV century. Masses of people die from an unprecedented disease, the culprit of which is considered a young girl, accusing her of black witchcraft. The only salvation for the people is to remove all the enchantments of the witch, bringing her to a distant monastery, where local monks will destroy the demon that has possessed her.With this request of the dying cardinal refers to the Crusader Bamana and Felson, the only one who by virtue of this order. Now they will not be an easy way through hell, for the sake of the whole of Europe. In the beginning the crusaders believed the girl innocent, but after a while the belief in it becomes less. And imprisoned in a cage witch calls for help all the forces of darkness, and it is not known whether the brave Beyman and Felson to complete their mission.

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