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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
"Plastic" is the name of our next premiere. We will be shown an interesting story, it dates back to when credit cards were at the peak of popularity. Its creators said that it is an impeccable system of using money, there can be no theft and deception, but as it turned out it was not so and almost everything in the world has its vulnerabilities. That's it, and took advantage of strong friends named Frody and Sam. They were talented in this way and penetrated into one of the largest firms in this system in the world, where access to plastic cards was completely closed, but not for our heroes. When they got a lot of classified information, they manage to transfer large amounts of money to the accounts they had. All they went just fine money was quite simple, in short everything turned out. But the guys wanted even more money and they decided to steal it from the account in a very influential gangster. But to their regret this gangster freely exposed our heroes. And now, to make amends to him, Sam and Frody need to get at least out of the ground diamonds worth five million pounds. And friends again need to think about almost not a real Scam to implement the plan into reality as a result of them everything turns out. Incredible theft is becoming the largest in the history of England. also want be noted that this history withdrawn on real events, so that the film is worth watch.

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