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The main characters of the series Queen Creek were ordinary girls who are trained in one of the local colleges. The educational process is quite standard, and student life is measured and not generous to interesting events. It is known that rumors on educational institutions extend quickly and if in this there was something criminal or strange, it would be known to all pupils. But this College has always had a reputation as a quiet and peaceful place where life is measured. It was not until recently, but one terrible event deprived of peace of all the inhabitants of the College. in the walls of the school there was a terrible event-a mysterious murder. It was followed by other, no less horrifying events. Now the shedding of blood has become the most common occurrence. Everyone is in fear and afraid to attend classes, because every day can be the last for one of the students. The motives of the offender are not clear, and his personality can not be identified. Who he is and why he doesn't kill innocent students? The police, despite all their efforts, failed to catch the murderer. He is still at large, which means he can commit a new crime at any time.

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