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Not just to trade a luxurious and rich life for a village where people don't know what Versace and truffles are. The Rose family was incredibly wealthy. The father is a billionaire, he made his money by selling cassettes. His wife was an actress, completely incompetent, but with her money, she paid for herself staging soap operas. Also the characters had two children. The kid who played hipster, David. And Alexis ' girlfriend, who preferred to be a socialite. But suddenly life turns its back on the heroes. And suddenly the business of the father failing, he had taken everything he had. Houses, cars, and all the accounts are frozen. There is only a small estate in the village of Shitt's Creek, which they bought a few years ago, just for fun. Now the heroes will have to live in the village, in the life to which they are completely unfit. But the more they plunge into the world of normal ordinary people, the more they will change themselves. And such a life, they are quite satisfied, because for the first time in many years, they felt that such a family and support, and that such a General run or dinner at the same table.