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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The series tells the story of an ordinary girl who lives in the modern world and enjoys all its benefits. One day, when the main character went shopping, she is involved in a terrible car accident that completely changed her life. No, she did not become confined to a wheelchair, on the contrary, the main character quite strangely got into the body of a teenage girl that lives in the eighteenth century at the court of the mighty and influential Emperor Kangxi. Of course, the main character immediately began to look for attempts that would lead her back to her usual world, but that she did not do everything was meaningless and soon, she began to get used to her new life. But even she, a girl from the modern world, is quite difficult to cope with the orders that reign at the Palace. The heroine is involved in the most incredible intrigues that lead to betrayal, tears and even attempts to commit suicide..