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People create problems for themselves-irresponsible, even negligent attitude to the future, bears fruit. The planet is so cluttered that it will soon become impossible to live on it, the conditions are deteriorating, there are no hopes for a positive transformation. Humanity accepts challenges, tries to eliminate threat, then commits actions, leading to a new catastrophe. There is a certain contradiction, the struggle of man with himself. Space expanses always harbored a certain danger, but people just did not pay much attention to it. the Earth is a small grain of sand in an endless galaxy. Here constantly there is a movement – something like a freeway, with a busy racing vehicles: buses, cars. A huge truck, of course, will not stop when a mouse or insect appears on the road, will continue the way. Such an obstacle will be insignificant for him, not worth special attention. The tragedy of the situation is that a miniature insect is a globe, a large machine is a cosmic body that is rapidly approaching the planet. What then can people, the greatest minds and talented explorers of the world do?

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