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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
If someone's question: "what's this show About?"answer briefly:" the main characters have changed bodies, " in response, most likely, you will hear: "how tired of this story!". Indeed, how many similar stories we've seen-have seen. It would seem that from this a million times used scenario course can no longer squeeze anything artistically decent. But the creators of the Korean drama "Sikeurit Gadeun" managed to do it.nnThe main characters in this story two: Kim Joo Won and Gil RA Im. He-young successful businessman, that is called, Golden a boy. Of course, rich, besides beautiful, but still smart. He treats others arrogantly and tries not to trust anyone. She is a stunt woman. The girl is determined, categorical, brave in her views, words and actions, loving the risk that her work gives her and not seeking, like many of her peers, to marry successfully.nnAnd you ought to happen that these two are not even different, opposite to each other people face. From the arisen antipathy both would like to run away rather and forget about the second forever. But, Joker-rock does not allow them to do it: he changes the characters bodies. There's inevitably will have to interact closely. And there, staring, and mutual sympathy will come.

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