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  • Drama
A guy named David had a perfectly calm and happy life. He lived in the house with his girlfriend Meg, dreamed of a child and did not even imagine how soon everything could change. It all started with an unknown virus that infected a large number of people. This event has not been given due attention, suggesting that this is another flu epidemic. David's father tried to warn his son about the danger and even sent him a strange video, but the hero did not believe his father, who is fond of conspiracy theories. But soon the situation began to get out of control, and when the hero was sitting in a bar with his friend, he received a call from Meg, who said that the streets of the city is going on a real nightmare. This is how the Apocalypse started for David and the whole planet.The hero could not save his beloved, but he was able to hide with his friend in the gym. Gradually began to disappear telephone, Internet and electricity, people on the streets is almost gone, but instead the city was filled with crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. David will have to go through a real hell, because soon his friend will also be infected, and then he will have to leave the shelter and go out into the street, where a real nightmare is happening.

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