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Original Title: Rules of Engagement
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Tom Hertz
Language: English
Description: An exciting war Thriller in 2000 tells the story of a marine Colonel named Terry Childers, whose role will be played by Tommy Lee Jones, known from the films "Men in black", "the first avenger", "Lincoln". Once the Colonel is sent to Yemen, where the situation around the American Embassy is heating up. Islamists rally at the door of the Embassy, and the tension actually begins to increase unevenly. Terry arrives at the scene to try to help the Ambassador and his family. But it's getting out of hand. Acting by all the rules, during the attack on the object, Colonel Childers opens fire on the alleged civilian population. In principle, everything was done according to the Charter, but this, respectively, would not agree with the local authorities. The American government, in turn, knowing all its rightness, fears an international conflict. And to avoid it, the Colonel has to suffer. Viewers can watch the film "Rules of engagement" on our movie website. This is followed by the trial of Colonel Terry Childers. He is accused of almost all human sins. And who knows what would have ended this story, if the protection of the protagonist was not his former comrade in arms, and best friend, the current lawyer named Hayes Hodges. The lawyer with professionalism gets down to business, and, eventually, some important details begin to emerge, about events that occurred that day in the American Embassy.

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