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Original Title: Royal Pains
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Andrew Lenchewski
Language: English
Description: Now season 5 is directed by don Scardino continues to delight viewers with new episodes of"the Patient is always right" , as it is sometimes called"Dr. expensive homes" or"Dear doctor". The main character Hank Lawson - in the past he worked as a doctor in the emergency room, you will agree it's incredibly difficult and demanding job. As if he didn't want to save all that's not gonna happen, he's not"man of steel" , that would be almost at the same time in all the right places. You probably asked yourself the question: why was he in the E. R. what happened? It's simple: he was fired from the clinic, and do not think that any drunkenness or violation of labor discipline, just one day he made a bad choice and it happened in one of his shift when his hands depended the lives of two people: a young boy and elderly men, to save them both was not possible and guided by the laws of nature he preferred teenager, it's right, but not this time! It turned out that the elderly man was one of the investors of the clinic in which he worked Hank. Here it is the true reason for the dismissal, it turns out millions decide who lives and who dies! This sad event affected the fate of Hank: he fell into depression, his wife left him, it would seem that life is over, but one day he received a tempting offer from his brother - a trip to the Hamptons for fun. There at a party and happens that will change his life: in the midst of one of the models becomes ill, Hank being a skilled doctor saves the poor, it is not known what would have happened if he hadn't been around. All around just could not help but notice the talent of Hank and his glory the good doctor has carried on the town instantly. That's how he became the"Dear doctor" and expensive because now his patients are famous people with thick wallets.

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