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  • Drama
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The story of what consequences sometimes lead to pregnancy-induced changes in the psyche of a pregnant woman, sounded loudly back in 1967. Writer Ira Levin has created a book about a crazy mother, which shocked the puritanical society in America. And in the 68th controversial Roman Polanski has put this story on "complete meter".nnIn 2014, NBC presented a remake of the classic "rosemary's Child". The storyline in the new mini-series remained similar to the original. Happy newlyweds rosemary and guy Woodhouse, seeking to get their own corner, settle in a cozy apartment in romantic Paris. They both wish to become parents of the first-born rather. But then a vision comes to the future mother: her beloved husband is a tempter. She vehemently insists, insists, and finally, make sure that the guy is just not able to be a father.nnAnd then rosemary finds out she's pregnant. In mixed feelings, the woman begins to suspect that the good neighbors are not the ones for whom they pretend to be. A series of random events in her inflamed brain develops into a bright, but complete picture. Her husband is the Devil, and the neighbors are his henchmen, who are waiting for the appearance of the son of Satan from her womb. As you know, it does not lead to anything positive.

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