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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
An unusual series called "room 104" will provide the viewer with an object for reflection. At the heart of the picture are visitors to hotels and hotels themselves. Basically, there is nothing unusual here, because most visitors do not remember data, temporary places of stay, because this is part of life. But, there are non-standard days and the situation occurring outside the walls of the institution. The series shows one of the ordinary hotels in the city, located near the airport. This building is distinguished by the fact that it is truly the most boring of its kind. It is here, most often, and there are incredible things that you can imagine. The main room is 104. Its walls have seen a lot in their lifetime. Often, no one stays here more than a day, for which scandals, crying or going crazy. Each series of the presented project is not connected and tells a new story. And you can see all genres from horror to Comedy. Each viewer will be able to learn the characters themselves, familiar situations, or Vice versa, to be surprised at what a person is capable of, even if it seems quite normal and decent. Watch and be surprised, enjoy and share experiences.