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A surprising and unexpected way perfectly familiar to us Judge Dredd moves to a new format, namely the format of anime . In the center of the plot is not the most rosy future, degenerate humanity to be on the final line. Once a great and exciting city, now with the head immersed in the chaos, fear, violence and sheer poverty. On the streets are operating mother gangs, they kill and Rob to the skin of all who are not lucky enough to be in their way. It would seem that people no longer have any chance of salvation and a happy life of the future, because even the old well-coordinated familiar service system began to gradually lose its relevance in the eyes of the population. The authorities are fighting with the progressive lawlessness as soon as they can, not so long ago they found a new unusual way, which begins to give positive results. They completely clean police officers from city streets, now they are replaced by peculiar Judges. These guys can easily calculate the offense and punish the offender at the scene. The investigator, the police officer, the Prosecutor and even the executioner, now all these numerous positions are easily performed by only one person. However, despite such a serious onslaught from the authorities, the criminal world does not think to give up. But there is one character that everyone without exception is afraid of – Judge Dredd. Cunning robbers, rapists, murderers and all the other villains who decided to cross the strict line of the law, faced with Dredd bear the most severe punishment for all crimes committed. All those who do not respect the law and consider it a ridiculous formality, will soon meet with a formidable and ruthless guardian of order. This guy does not want to stop there, and is determined to return the city a quiet and peaceful life, and every law-abiding resident confidence in their own safety…

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