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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Malcolm is a young man who suffered a strong emotional shock in his childhood. Outwardly, man is no different from most others, but in my heart burns a fire, burning the soul and excites the inflamed mind. When Malcolm was a child, he attended the town Church, seeking support from a local pastor. The Holy father should act as a guide of youth in the worldly and dangerous world, to help in the knowledge of the meaning of life. However, the priest turned out to be a child molester, who took advantage of the boy's credulity and naivety. Subjected to physical and mental violence, Malcolm closed in, hating people.The priest managed to escape punishment for the deed and escape from the city. Malcolm grew up, started his own family. A lot of time has passed since the tragic event, but a person can not forget what happened. He is constantly experiencing violence, which negatively affects the relationship with his wife. Malcolm realizes that to relieve emotional pain could only revenge. God could not protect a teenager from the hands of a pedophile, so the man decides to do justice on their own. Having set a goal, Malcolm begins to look for a rapist to get even for his crippled fate.

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