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Once upon a time, in a time about which storytellers tell their stories, a demon came to earth. He shed rivers of blood, turning the lives of peaceful people into chaos. He learned to divide his body into parts from which evil spirits were born. Great armies were thrown into battle with him, but humanity was rapidly defeated. Empire proved fully destroyed, the Royal family killed, cities and settlements burned to the ground. It would seem that there is no hope. Then came the Holy: she gave battle to the demon and was able also his from people. But the goddess failed to kill him. One day he'll Wake up and come back to finish his bloody business. Then in the world there will be six brave men, awarded a share of her strength. Together, they will destroy the demon.Virgo held a flower in her hands, so the six-leafed became her symbol. Every few hundred years, the monster wakes up, and six characters find on his hand a symbol in the form of a flower – you can learn their history, if the Heroes of the six colors to watch online. That means they have to get together and fight the demon. The time has come, soon it will happen again.Adlet Meyer is a brave boy who considers himself the strongest man in the world. He has been preparing himself since childhood to become one of the six heroes. Rumor has it that someone very strong and powerful masterfully gets rid of talented representatives of mankind. A cruel death he died brilliant shooter, potential heroes were dying one by one. Is it really spirits trying to facilitate the future fight his master? The Adlet managed to avoid such a death, one dark night on the arm of a mysterious flower. There is a great battle ahead, six brave men need to get down to business.along with the Princess reading, one of the favorites, Adlet went to the meeting place of the heroes. What was his surprise when he found that there were seven instead of six. There could be no error, all the characters looked real. Seven heroes of six colors is absurd. Which means one of them is an impostor. A traitor sent by a demon. Who is the spy standing on the side of evil?rn< p>Recitation – charming Princess, a true angel at first glance, though a little annoying. But in effect it is second to none. At the annual tournaments, which is carried out in the castle, the girl every year manages to defeat the winner in a few minutes.rn

Frame is a talented marksman, the daughter of the demoness, she was killing powerful fighters to help the demon, but realized the foolishness of these actions. Gold is a loyal servant of the king, sworn to protect the Princess at all costs. Chamo is a little girl, the chosen one of the swamps. Maura is the head of the heavenly temples and a brave man from the mountains. Hans is an eccentric guy with unexpected abilities and a strange sense of humor.the assembled company must find the deceiver before the fight begins. Suspicions are rising, the atmosphere is heating up. How can they fight a demon if they can't trust their own team? Trying to calculate the traitor, soon the characters will attack each other. Not grow if the meeting elects to the slaughter?