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The viewer who decided to watch the movie Rocket (2013), opens the picture of the difficult postwar life of a young man. Simple family with simple conditions, ordinary friends. The only trouble is, whatever he did, whatever he undertook nothing. Failures simply pursue not only him, but also his family, his acquaintances and friends. Wherever he goes, with whom he does not begin to communicate - it always leads to a total failure of others. Such a strange phenomenon is noticed not only by the main character of the drama Rocket, but also by everyone who is nearby. To live every day realizing that many people suffer because of it is unbearable. What can be changed to Fortuna patted him on the head. Only bitter experience makes quite inexperienced young man think about moving to another city. After gathering his loved ones and a couple of friends, the guy goes to look for his new home. The road promises to be long and hard. Through the ruins of destroyed houses, the bricks of which have not yet cooled after the bombing, the dark streets of the heroes of the drama went to Laos. Meeting with looters, bandits who wanted to profit at the expense of poor people, only further strengthens the spirit of the frightened guy. He sees that he is not entirely helpless that he was under the power of small difficulties, but he skillfully cope with them. The main point of the film Rocket, which earned at the Berlin film festival as many as three major awards, is that the motto of each person should be: believe in yourself and go forward. Only when he reached the destination, the guy decides on another risk. He learns about difficult and dangerous competitions. In order to participate in them, the guy builds missiles and agrees to the terrible conditions of stay in the game. That's how the drama Rocket (2013) shows one of the few ways how to believe in yourself and go only forward.

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