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Bright cartoon with funny characters is perfect for family viewing with children. Comic situations delight and leave a lot of pleasant impressions. Funny story Rio 2 (2014) tells the story of the bird's seven And all would have continued, if not for the report on TV, which reported a Grand discovery - a rare breed of birds. Hearing this amazing news, my dear, until recently, even could not fly, along with his wife Pearl, decides to do something Grand. They decide to move deep into the Amazon, where the most unexpected adventures begin, full of fun and danger. nnAfter making a long flight, they finally make their way into the very wilds of the Amazon. Fresh air, rich jungle, freedom and... father of Pearl, whom they meet quite unexpectedly. This is becoming a huge shock for all, and especially for Blu. Pearl has long dreamed that their children have learned to live like real birds, and that her dream came true, but the very Darling has now quite hard. An adventurous trip becomes dangerous for him when he tries to fit into a new environment. The emergence of Roberto, an old friend of the Pearls does face for the Dear loss of a loved one. The usual move turns into the most unexpected events, full of surprises. My friend still don't particularly like them, because he Will the hero be able to keep his seven And finally, Director Carlos Saldana gave the audience the opportunity to enjoy the adventures of funny characters.

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