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The difficult task faced by the police of the future in the film The inability of the police to curb lawlessness in the streets of Detroit, becomes the main argument in the decision of the Corporation OmniCorp to create a robot with human intelligence. The purpose of the Corporation is full subordination of the justice system. nnThe protagonist of the film Robocop, like Tony stark from the film Iron man clearly does not suggest what adventures await him in the near future. Every day Alex Murphy does his difficult job, which he loves. He selflessly gives himself to his favorite business and often crosses the road to those who profit from the Commission of crimes. Like any good COP, Alex has a reason to live, he is in his family. Love for your loved ones helps Murphy resist the onslaught of crime and corruption elements. Alex's wife and his little son accompany him to work every day, realizing that in the evening he may not return. But, over the years they continue to wait and love it. nnThe main theme of the confrontation between man and the system in the film For employees of OmniCorp, the provisions of Alex is as impossible by the way on the way to the incarnation of his malice. They offer to save a COP's life, making him invulnerable crime fighter, replacing non-viable body parts and organs in the high-tech prostheses. Alex's brain is proposed to be cleaned of memories and stuffed with chips that carry certain programs. The desperate and distraught wife of the police officer consents to such an operation. For a woman it is important to save the life of her beloved husband in any way. Waking up after surgery, Alex does not immediately understand what happened to him, but eventually gets used to his new look. Find out what he wants from the employees of the sinister Corporation he has yet to. The shooting of the film Robocop (2014) lasted from autumn 2012 to spring 2013. The film's budget was more than $ 100 million. Picture is replete with special effects and WordPad

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