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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The story is that each force will find a different force, and each cunning nut has its own bolt with a screw. Unprincipled philanderer Korean spill believed that knows the universal key to the girl's tender heart, what a beautiful body they struggled. Yes, there is in fact a genius and it is not necessary. Charmingly smiled, sang romantic songs about eternal love, "I'll give you this star", and by the way, your eyes in the night Shine like stars – and all the poor heart is already knocking only about you, manipulator unscrupulous. But not all the cat Maslenitsa, and will lent. Our heartthrob who does not know defeats will meet such a specimen that his heart will begin to make a pause between the beats. Only this strange girl is not interested in it at all, she has other dreams. I wish to be able to turn the clock back for a minute, for example. That's what he wants, seducer!