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Crime fiction series Gotham season 4 download continues the story of the defender of Gotham and its inhabitants, the hero of the war, and now the police James Gordon, and Bruce Wayne. While Bruce is still a teenager who lost his parents in adolescence, but friendship with Gordon will force him to embark on the path of fighting evil and getting rid of Gotham from crime. Until now, the boy has not tried on a superhero costume, the city is filled with criminals of all stripes, before which the police is often powerless, but the fourth season will turn the tide.In the new season, finally an event to occur, which had been waiting for all fans of Batman, Bruce Wayne finally put on a mask and Cape. After the preparation, witnessed by the audience of the previous season, he is quite ready for feats. And it does not matter that this outfit is not quite like the costume of the superhero, to which everyone is accustomed! The important thing is that it's a start, and the appearance of the Dark Knight to come soon.