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Tokaku was a student enough of a strange school - a school that produces first-class trained assassins. Graduates know what methods to achieve results in their task. But one day one of the teachers helps her transfer to the school of Mejo, where she has to take a special course that lasts for several weeks. In addition Tokaku members of the group became even eleven people. Each of them is given the same task: within two days they need to kill a man. If their target is still alive, it is considered that the student failed. Well, the one who comes with the result, will be able to ask for any reward. It is important that no outsider should be involved in the process of chasing the victim. But that's the job Tokaku does not fulfill, since, having become acquainted with the goal, she realizes that imbued her with confidence and ease. Now the most important thing is to save the victim from other members of the group.