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Original Title: Richard the Lionheart
Language: English
Description: The film Richard the Lionheart (2013) is a historical tale about the son of a king who must pass difficult tests before taking the throne. The name of the film reflects its essence. This is a story about a historical character known as Richard the Lionheart. From the film it becomes clear why the king's son earned this nickname. The picture is made in the genre of adventure Thriller, Richard: lion Heart tells about the difficult fate of the heir to the throne, who is obliged tonnRichard the main character of the film Richard the Lionheart (2013) and heir to the throne, who will soon take the place of his father, but strict father, whose role was played by the famous actor Malcolm McDowell is not enough family ties, he wants to check his son in the case: how brave, brave and strong his will. To test his son, the king decides to send him to a mysterious enemy castle. Will the young heir be able to defeat an experienced enemy and justify the trust of his father? nnWas the brutal fight the very reason Richard remained the Lion's Heart for his people forever? Was he able to gather, defeat the enemy and meet the expectations of the king? The movie is sure

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