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The human eye can catch a lot, but not all aspects of our everyday life are visible to the naked eye. That's about it, tells the viewer Richard Hammond, known for his legendary programme Top Gear. This film will not just make you see many things in a new way, but also tell what you did not even guess. Living in the ordinary world, people do not even suspect that literally next to him there is a completely different amazing and unknown world. Sometimes, it is much more complicated and mysterious than we think. From this he becomes even more beautiful and mysterious. But to see him only a handful and the audience this mini-series. Be prepared for the fact that a new and unknown world will shake your mind. And especially impressionable it may even scare. You as if will see the light from deep sleep and will begin to see the world in all its beauty. You will see the nature of many, previously misunderstood or too ordinary phenomena. But even these new slightest knowledge will be able to turn your world and consciousness upside down. And most importantly, you will finally see what is really happening in nature, until we notice it. Learn new useful knowledge about the world around us you can watch for free mini-series BBC: Unknown worlds