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  • Genres:
  • Adventure
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  • Science Fiction
A power outage is one of the biggest nightmares that can happen to a civilized person. Even if it disappears in the apartment for a day, a person does not know what to do. And if you disappear completely throughout the land and for all? So it happened in the series "Revolution". It was as if a giant switch had been turned, and there was no electricity. And along with it all that was connected with it.nnA decade and a half has passed since the global energy crash. The earth plunged into the dark ages. The old States are not, in the same city can simultaneously exist, and Republic and dictatorship. In rural areas, people come together in farming communities, trying to somehow improve life. In one of these communities, the security forces killed a man that seems to have been associated with energomashstroi. The daughter of the killed decides to deal with the incident, but for this she needs to find a brother who ran away from home.nnThe heroine goes to the big dark world, taking with her two brave companions. Along the way, they will face not only the dangers that have become familiar to the changed reality. The search will interfere with the army and militias crazy Monroe, who decided to become the sole ruler of the new world.

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