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  • Comedy
The plot of this film tells the story of an orphan boy. As a young child, he was left without the dearest person - without a mother-she was forced to leave him. In his note, the beloved son she had given a promise that their appointment will take place exactly in this or that light. Also there was written that Peter is no ordinary boy, and he expects a special destiny. Peter grew up and learned to live on their own, but he always believed that soon everything should change. And once he gets into a completely different, wonderful, magical world - the Unprecedented. There our young hero waiting for exciting and unique adventures that are actually very dangerous for his life. He will need to know his true origin, as well as the purpose of his stay in this country. On the island the boy is destined to become real, bold, and well-known in this country, a hero who can help inhabitants of a magic country to get rid of the threat in the face of terrible bearded captain. The main character will need to fight with a terrible villain and pirate island, whose name is known to many - Blackbeard. Also, Peter will acquire a large number of friends who will assist him in the course of further events. But Captain Hook will surprisingly become an ally and even a friend of the legendary hero Peter pan. Only can this honest company to withstand the treacherous sailor, treachery, which knows no bounds? For all that is happening will be able to watch the esteemed audience!

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