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Miranda, the main character Return to the sender (2015), passionate about her work as a nurse at a local hospital and committed to success, self-development and material well-being, rather than chasing after a ghostly family happiness. Girlfriends of the woman are concerned about her behavior and loneliness and constantly hint that it's time to find a decent guy and get married. Miranda can not stand the pressure from her friends and agrees to a blind date with a man whom she was recommended. But the date went wrong when Miranda confuses Kevin with a stranger who beats and rapes her. The bandit is quickly caught and put in prison, but the raped woman falls in love with the criminal, begins to visit him in prison, and then builds a relationship with him at all. But love is just a cover, because her motives are much deeper... In the psychological Thriller return to sender (2015) such a term as revenge is revealed in all its glory. The main character acts so gracefully that it is not known until the very end – whether she really loves the rapist, or waits for the moment to strike a thousand times more painful blow. For Rosamund pike, this is not the first role in the Thriller, and can be seen in paintings like Vanished and Jack Reacher, taken in the same genre. The actors played at the highest level and, despite the fact that the plot may seem predictable and too simple, fans of the genre will watch the Thriller online for free with pleasure, because if you do not find fault with the details of the picture is quite worthy in all respects.

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