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Original Title: Resurrection
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Creators: Aaron Zelman
Language: English
Description: We offer you a new mystical series"Resurrection" , which by the way You can download on your phone or tablet , which is very convenient in the modern world. So, the creators have promised an incredibly intense story, each series of which should be more intriguing and instill fear even in the most notorious skeptics. A little about the plot of the series Resurrection: Events are developing in a small town of America Arcadia. The story began 32 years ago, when the most ordinary family lost his son Jacob. In search of the boy were thrown all forces, but the operation ended unsuccessfully, the boy is considered missing. Many years have passed and the family has come to terms with the loss, but one day a migration officer knocked at their door. He brought a boy who was discovered in China - it was Jacob, but the most interesting thing he remained as young as 32 years ago! He remembers everything about himself, but does not understand how he got there and why he is still a teenager, and parents are already in old age. The fact of Jacob's return forces all residents of the city to return to the past and remember that fateful day when the boy was gone, and then there was a terrible event-the wife of the local Sheriff drowned in the lake, Jacob rushed to help, but could not save the drowning, in the end the woman drowned, and the boy miraculously disappeared. The sudden appearance of the boy also caused a wave of controversy among the parishioners of the Church: some believe that this is the devil's game, others on the contrary God's message, in any case, the story of the series online"Resurrection" is just beginning! ✦

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