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In the Chinese province there is a white boy: confused and not knowing the local language. To reach out to the lost is is possible to Martin Bellamy, an American working in service for migrants. He is a strange boy says he lives in the United States in the city of Arcadia. Martin brings the boy to his home, but the Harold couple tells him that their son drowned 32 years ago. The couple recognize the boy, but are afraid to admit it.nnAfter conducting psychological tests and examination of DNA, it becomes known that the mysterious foundling is indeed Harold's child, who died long ago. But how to explain his re-emergence in this world? In sleepy Arcadia in connection with this resurrection begins fermentation of minds. People do not understand whether to interpret what happened as some blessed sign, or as a foreshadowing of future troubles.nnAfter a while in the town start to appear and other resurrected – and they all look exactly as in the day of his death. With the beginning of the invasion, it becomes clear that the peaceful and blessed Arcadia has in its past some terrible secret. And now the past is coming back. What should the locals expect from tomorrow and how should they treat their resurrected relatives, friends and neighbors?

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