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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The cellist extracts the sound from the soul, she is ready to reflect her own life in the notes, but terrible events change the measured life of a talented girl. Mother suddenly voluntarily left the world, the picture Knock over past helping friends, whether nice Nude secrets, found, or lost, the heroine is trying boldly to object to fate. whether strained attempts to find out will not be useless. Arrow events spun the wheel, changed the polarity of the values, you do not have a soul like unnecessary baggage put up for sale, after will be, the knowledge of the truth, especially among the assistants, not all sincere. Local man in the street Nick is obviously hiding something, posing as another person. Why don't you start to make a point, not to worry in vain memories and not to stir things past days, the final is likely to be unexpected. It seems that is not in the power of the person to turn back, if I can keep the balance of the heroine from the upcoming revelations. Truth-recognition, already close