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The main characters of the anime "the Legend of the Grand Cross" once lived in peace. But once on their continent came monsters called Chaos. They sowed terror and destruction. The monsters had no pity, and therefore civilians were killed in hundreds and thousands.then the rulers of different parts of the continent decided to unite. Together they would be able to defeat the demons, because each ruler is the owner of a magical artifact called the coat of Arms. Each artifact gives its owner a huge power, almost limitless. It seemed that the victory is in the pocket of the people, but then some of them succumbed to the low impulses of greed. People began to fight with each other, because they wanted to have the most coats of arms.Dreaming of omnipotence, one of the rulers captures more and more lands. Once the turn comes to the village, where the main character Theo lives. He, too, is the owner of the coat of arms, but received his Theo under very strange circumstances. By some miracle he was able to defeat a huge and terrible a young man can fight Chaos, but first he decides to resolve the many contradictions that have arisen between people. The young man dreams of defeating the dictator, uniting all the other rulers to get rid of chaos together forever.rn

Ally Theo becomes a powerful sorceress Chiruca. It also condemns rulers for their chronic greed and greed. The guys unite and come up with a plan that will help them to defeat the dictator.rn

But then, suddenly, the demons strike. Chaos will not wait for people to resolve the contradictions that have arisen between them. Horrible creatures destroy entire cities, and Theo has to fight on two fronts.Civil war and battles with Chaos tear the continent into two parts. Now the world that the main characters knew is in mortal danger. They need to either find arguments to unite the rulers or escape, putting hundreds of innocent lives at risk. With a keen sense of justice, Theo can not distance himself from the suffering of others, so he decides to fight to the end.