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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Series Son season 1 download-an exciting historical drama, telling about Eli, who at the time of the event was only 13 years old, who had to live in America in the mid-eighteenth century and go through the horror of those years. Then America was at the beginning of its path to recognition of its status as a superpower. In the future, Eli will take a direct part in this formation, and as a teenager he survived an attack on his Indian family. Eli's parents died, and the Indian took the boy with them, but not to hurt him! He grew up in the tribe, was taught everything he knew and knew how boys his age. Eli will return to his native places as an adult, a strong man who knows what he wants and who knows how to achieve this goal.Adult Eli McCullough is not the same defenseless teenager, he became head of the family, the father and originator of the clan, which will give the country many influential citizens. The series will cover a time period of more than a hundred years. The audience will get acquainted with how rapidly the New world was changing and improving, how modern civilization conquered the North American continent. The history of the McCullough family will be filled with dramatic events, passions, betrayal and love.