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The film Reasonable doubt (2014) is the story of a Prosecutor who easily puts the accused in prison, but one day he finds himself in their place. In this picture, the viewer is shown the work of a successful Prosecutor named Mitchell, in the role of which you can watch the leading role in the series Fleming - Dominic Cooper. He's smart, ruthless and puts people behind bars without any difficulty. He never waits for a court decision, because his inner instinct always perfectly provides for his decision. In addition to Cooper in the film played by such actors as Samuel L. Jackson, Gloria Reuben and others. But one day the main character of a Thriller Reasonable doubt (2014) is on the way.... Heavily drunk, the Prosecutor gets behind the wheel and knocks to death a passer-by. In this situation, he no longer behaves like a professional, but as an ordinary, very frightened person. But instead, a completely different person is tried, and, feeling guilty, Mitchell gratuitously acts as a lawyer and seeks his dismissal. Along with the life story of the Prosecutor, the viewer is shown his past. Many years ago, Mitchell almost became a participant in the history associated with the illegal spread of drugs. Now the old story emerges, and the Prosecutor nevertheless gets under investigation. Now he is accused of two crimes at once, in addition, it turns out that the man whose release Mitch had achieved earlier, a dangerous criminal. Picture Reasonable doubt that was released in 2014, perfectly reflects the work of the modern system of punishment for criminals. The extent to which this system is not perfect and how long it takes to find the truth under confusing circumstances.

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