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Original Title: Reaper
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: The CW
Creators: Michele Fazekas,Tara Butters
Language: English
Description: Electrocution is a pretty popular way to take a criminal's life. To survive such torment is simply impossible. The current penetrates directly into the brain of the criminal, killing him. A lot of movies with scenes of such executions. And every time the result is the same — the death of a criminal. In the film the Reaper (2014) is quite wrong. Natalie — a young girl who decided no matter what to save the mother from a terrible disease. But for this she needs a large amount of money, which is impossible to earn in such a short period of time. So the girl decides to go the other way. Natalie begins to travel around the country hitchhiking, spreading the money of their random fellow travelers. Once in the car in the next company of people, the girl and her companions stay at a roadside hotel, which is called "the Last shelter". But then she still does not suspect that in the area of the hotel lives a maniac who survived the execution in the electric chair. It's more dead than human. And he continues to commit murders shocking in their subtle cruelty. This time he chooses Natalie and her friends as his victims. The Reaper movie (2014), also played by Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones, tells the story of a girl who finds herself in the same hotel together with a dangerous maniac. To escape from this monster, the girl and her enemies are United in a single team. What will end this story, and will be able to survive Natalie, you can learn by watching the film Reaper, which premiered in 2014.

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