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The story unfolds around an elusive criminal gang, called the Pink Panther." These guys couldn't have been caught by any of the detectives. They regularly committed audacious attacks, from which suffered jewelers and connoisseurs of art. Many have managed to push the alarm button, but only the criminals always managed to leave before the arrival of law enforcement. The best minds of many special services worked on the plan of their capture, but nobody had time to react to the next attack of Panthers". Another feature of these guys was that they never spoke while working. And if it was required to transfer information, they did it in the form of small notes. For any information about these guys could get a pretty good amount of money. Yes, only it did not help the police to go to a criminal gang. Will there be someone who will be able to run after these sharks robbery? Or they'll continue to Rob from the rich and get away from liability?

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