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After the dramatic episodes in the life of Davis, he went in Primatology, has devoted himself to animals, and best friends become not two-legged ancient people evolved and shaggy wards. Gone into the world of science hero of the film "Rempeydzh" even saved a two-meter male gorilla George when he was two years old. A kind, affectionate two-meter friend accepted the Savior, and genuine brotherly ties were formed between them. Davis watched him, ennobled the place of residence and visited, but here one night his friend found some container on the ground, and the released pairs caused an unprecedented growth of the Primate. A few days before he gained dozens of pounds, has grown and greatly increased in size, the worried owner. Unfortunately, it was not a disease. In fact, it's much worse. The chemical formula influenced gorilla genetics, catalyzed changes in DNA, and artificially stimulated a tenfold increase in volumes in a short time! From the funny and friendly George came a huge and uncontrollable thug, one movement which is enough for mass murder!George did not listen to Davis any more – he ran away and acted on a whim of reflexes, destroyed everything in the district while the staff of laboratory under protection of security agents didn't take away it together with the owner. As they agreed before the deportation, scientists must return the gorilla to its original appearance, and provide it with good conditions until it comes to the appropriate nature of the norm. However, people notably miscalculated, and George couldn't keep the steel bars of the cage. Directly RAID it jumped out of the plane and pulled, and passengers nearly were lost. Now Davis is not up to seclusion, because the lives of millions of people living in the metropolis are at stake. A man in the company of a colleague must save the world, although an unprecedented cinematic adventure overshadowed by the sad consequences of past experiments. The fact is that in addition to the main destroyer of the tape "Rempeydzh" come into play wolf and crocodile. Located near the big cities are doomed, and if Davis does not convince the pet, then kill him. Will he have time to fly to the scene and get through to the sleeping consciousness of a friend? Or will the military deal with him earlier with weapons, rather than soothing words?

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