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In one of the cafe-bars in Madrid is another working day. Visitors slowly make an order, enjoy delicious food and drink. A luxurious woman enters the room, unwittingly attracting the eyes of those present, and covers the immediate environment with the smell of expensive perfume. The owner of the institution immediately offers the lady popular donuts. The men who are here, unceremoniously examine the catchy appearance of the beauty. The stranger watches the client in the headphones, sitting aloof at the far table. The guy went so deep in their own thoughts, completely detached from reality, what is happening around. Suddenly, the street heard a loud shot and the target person falls on the sidewalk. A passer-by runs up to him to help him and also falls dead. You can watch wild story online in good quality for free without registration.Everyone in the bar with horror realize that they can not leave the place. On the street lurked sniper, purposefully shooting all crossing the nearest intersection. Arrived on the scene the law enforcement officers are unable to find the attacker and to ensure the safety of citizens. Unusual, stressful situation and fear of imminent death affect the mental state of people who have become unwitting hostages of a desperate situation. Psychological tension provokes the manifestation of sincere inner qualities of the victims, sometimes not the best. Being inside the rescue room was no less dangerous than to get into a street shootout. If you are unfamiliar, completely different, scared to death characters will not be able to negotiate, you will not be able to get out alive from a dangerous alteration.

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