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Man - this is a creation that considers itself at the head of the entire evolutionary chain, we consider ourselves the most intelligent and the strongest, but in fact it is not so, we live and do not even suspect that the creatures of fairy tales and movies actually exist and walk around us! The most interesting thing about this is that they look like people, but inside them lies an unknown fantastic force! Now let's go directly to the series. The series is called"Wolf's blood" and as You noticed, this is Season 2 and this means that this is a continuation of the story about werewolves ! So, wolf. This animal has long been considered an incredibly strong and cunning creature, our ancestors even worshipped them and tried to adopt their skills in hunting. About werewolves you also heard, but about them not so much is known and that's just created for what would open this mysterious curtain. Looking ahead I will say that it turns out for thousands of years the floor people half wolves live among us and we ourselves without suspecting contact with them almost every day. Maddie with her parents lives a little differently, they live in a city where they are the only representatives of their species, but one day everything changes and it happens after the appearance of a strange boy. Watch the series"Wolf blood" season 2 online on our website and you will not regret the time spent!

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