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In the center of the plot-a young black guy named Blade. It is not a simple man, because there is a half-vampire. Years ago, bloodsuckers attacked and bit his pregnant mother. And now, armed with a blade and silver bullets, blade avenges these bloodthirsty creatures. He is much stronger than ordinary vampires, because it has all the superhuman powers, but is immune to everything that is responsible for the death. However, like any other man, and blade is aging. Also from the vampires he inherited a thirst for blood, however, in order not to defeat the essence of the monster, he has to regularly inject some synthetic substance able to suppress the craving for blood. The main goal of blade once and for all rid the earth of vampires. Only to do it is not so simple, and so there will be a long and bitter war.Fantasy, Thriller "blade" is based on the comic book of the same name by the famous American company Marvel Comics, published in the 70s of the last century.

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