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  • Genres:
  • Mystery
"Dark love story" - an exciting, melodramatic serial film about a mortal girl and an immortal being, about their sensual relationship. Young, innocent Pia moves to the ancient city to continue her education. Vices, temptations of the megalopolis expect it. A pure heart will resist the insidiousness, cruelty of the modern world. Abhay – powerful, knows no compassion, causing the darkness. Eternal wandering, the constant loneliness accompany it and haunt. Love is selfless, bright feeling, which managed to unite two kindred spirits, giving them hope for a different future. It is salvation from the existence, predestined fate. Following the cinematic hits of recent years ("Twilight"," vampire Diaries"), Indian creators ventured to the world fame of romantics, and created a new series about the amorous Affairs between light and darkness. An interesting story with unthinkable twists, intricacies of intrigue, bright characters, subtly written by the main characters of the writers. Colorful scenery, non-trivial music, incomparable dances about and without-little tricks that will not leave indifferent the audience.